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in Les Eyzies, in Dordogne

For information, advice or to book
Phone. : +33 5 53 06 92 92
Mobile: +33 6 87 86 51 16

Our adress :
the yellow canoes, at the Eyzies bridge
at the 3 giant Bisons car park
Périgueux road
24620 Les Eyzies

Languages ​​spoken: GB / NL / SP
Base open 7/7 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
from early April to mid-October
Telephone reception throughout the year

We are 5 minutes walk from Les Eyzies station, or 30 minutes by train from Périgueux. Coming from Bordeaux, Limoges or Toulouse is easy, fast, green and inexpensive!

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AVCK, canoe kayak base on the Vézère in Dordogne

At AVCK, smile, advice and quality are on the menu!

avck canoë kayak vézère dordogne


The essential information to know!

You will meet us at the base of Les Eyzies, 30 minutes before departure. Once prepared, we take you by minibus to the place of departure and accompany you for the launch. You then descend the river at your own pace, without time pressure since your car is waiting for you directly on arrival.

Exception: the 2 routes offered downstream from Les Eyzies towards Le Bugue and Limeul work the other way around since you canoe or kayak directly from the base of Les Eyzies and we pick you up on arrival, which is why reservation is imperative.

We accept payment by:

Bank card
ANCV holiday voucher
ANCV Connect holiday voucher.

Know how to swim 25 m and be submerged in water
Be a minimum 5 year’s of age (by Dordogne Prefectoral Order)
Wear a lifejacket (zipped)
Wear suitable closed sports shoes (no open sandals, flip flops)
Dogs accepted and free

Light clothing: shorts, T-shirt, closed shoes compulsory, cap, sunglasses attached.
Bottle of water, sunscreen, picnic if needed, cell phone.
Your belongings are stored in the container loaned free of charge. Its tightness is subject to its good closure.
Do not choose a long course (4 hours and more) without canoeing experience or with limited physical condition.
On sale at the reception (low prices) useful accessories; aquashoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, eyeglass clips, caps, drinks, simple emergency snacks.

We provide a container to store your belongings (picnic, towels, sunscreen ...), but an additional special waterproof pouch is recommended to protect electronic items (phones, cameras, keys, etc.). We do not guarantee the watertightness of the container provided free of charge. Its watertightness is subject to its good closure.

The descent is free, that is to say, not accompanied by a guide. Several of you go by bus, but once on the river, you navigate independently without following a group. No duration imposed, but maximum return before 7:00 p.m. in high season, 6:00 p.m. off season.

Reservations by phone or on the site are recommended 1 or 2 days in advance, depending on the number of people. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation when the navigation safety conditions are not assured, in the following 3 cases of force majeure:

Meteo-France orange alert for severe thunderstorms.
Level of the Vézère too high following heavy rainfall. Contact us first.
Airworthiness control delays following high winds.

The Vézère is calm, shallow, accessible to all and to beginners. No dams or dangerous rapids. But beware ; a long course is difficult because the current is weak (in summer)! Depending on your physical condition and your desire, choose a course of an appropriate duration (from 1h30 to 5h30).

The routes are made in the direction of the river and last from 1:30 to 5:30. The average duration of each trip is indicated on the website.

We present in detail the different models of canoe and kayak available on the website. But do not hesitate to call us to find the best compromise between the number of people, the ages, the types of boats, the experience of each ...

In summer, the river is "warm", clean and clear (sandy and cooler in spring), perfect for swimming. For rowdies, the double sit-on-top kayak model is heavier so very good for groups whose goal is to overturn their neighbor ...

Stopping by the water's edge for a picnic is easy in the summer. On the other hand in spring, there are fewer “beaches” because the river is higher. Please note: There are no shops or snack bars on the banks of the Vézère (except in St Léon). So plan your picnic. We basically offer sandwiches, drinks, chips, cookies ...

1 dog is possible in a canoe only, not in a double kayak or in a single kayak (lack of space!). It's free for him. A muzzle is recommended when transporting by bus. Never tie it up in the canoe.

Canoeing is a sport that can be tiring… where the risk of falling into the water exists! Read our logbook before you go, follow our briefing and our pre-departure initiation!

AVCK does not offer specific equipment for people with motor disabilities (boat, gallows, etc.). PMR parking. The practice is possible under condition; Contact us.

avck canoë kayak vézère dordogne

Enjoy an initiation to canoeing before departure

Benefit from -50% from 5 to 11 years old!