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Canoes and Kayaks


dossier confort canoë kayak vézère dordogne

For 2 to 5 people

The Vézère is calm, without rapid: the traditional open canoe with seats and backrests is the most suitable and by far the most comfortable!

We offer two models of Canoe:

The Riviera: classic canoe suitable for 2 and 3 people, or even 4 people, but only in the case of 2 adults with 2 not too big children – see drawing below.

The XL: 5-seater canoe, can be for 4 adults (not too tall), or leaver for a family with mum-dad and 3 not very old children (mum will be reassured!).

avck canoë kayak vézère dordogne

A classic canoe on the Vézère for 2 to 4 people.

Our comfortable canoes with seat and backrest, on the Vézère

avck canoë kayak vézère dordogne

An AVCK double sit-in kayak on the Vézère


dossier confort canoë kayak vézère dordogne

For 1 or 2 people

Also equipped with a backrest, in a kayak you are lower than in a canoe, closer to the water for another feel, and with a double paddle. The kayak models vary depending on whether you are alone or with two people, and whether you wish to be seated “in” the kayak or rather positioned “on” the boat.

We offer four models of Kayak:

Le Brio: sit-in double-kayak, for 2 people and by reservation. As the name suggests you are “sitting inside”.

The Optimo: sit-on-top double-kayak, for fans of this model which is in fact more suited to live rivers (Ardèche). The “Optimo” self-bouncer is also equipped with comfort backrests, only for 2 people. It is heavier, good for rowdy groups where the goal of the game is to turn your neighbor over … Also by reservation.

The Mezzo: sit-in mono-kayak, also with backrest, this model requires a little experience because it is more sporty. Very pleasant with a little experience.

The Tango: sit-on-top mono-kayak, this kayak is wider, therefore more stable, with backrest. It is suitable for everyone, very good for beginners.


Our double sit-in kayak model sailing on the Vézère

Benefit from -50% from 5 to 11 years old!